FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions


* How do I make a booking?

Click on an available arrival day on the calendar (green button). You will see all the available periods. Choose one and click on 'calculate your price'.
1. Check the cost overview, change it if you wish, and then click on 'next'.
2. Fill in your information and click on 'next'.
3. Check that all the information is correct and make a final booking request by clicking on 'send'.
Your booking request will be confirmed through e-mail. As soon as possible or at least within 48 hours you will receive confirmation whether the holiday home is reserved for you.

Via telephone:
You make a reservation over the phone by calling ROOM4MOOR. After booking you will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail.

* How do I see whether a holiday home is still available?

On the calendar are the green buttons the available arrival days. When you click on a green button, you will see the free periods to book.

* What happens after I have made a final booking?

After you have booked online or over the phone, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. You must make your payment within seven days. After your payment is received in full by ROOM4MOOR, you will receive your accommodation ticket per e-mail with the address information of the holiday residence and care taker.

* When do I receive the rental agreement?

After booking you will receive a booking confirmation directly through e-mail. This is also your rental agreement.

* How do I change something in my reservation?

If you wish to change something about your booking, contact ROOM4MOOR. Only e-mail and telephonic changes wil be accepted. In case you want to change your period of stay or your accommodation, cancellation costs may apply.

* Can I first visit the house before I make a final reservation?

It is possible to visit a holiday home in advance. Contact ROOM4MOOR through e-mail, in order to make an appointment with the home owner. You will get a confirmation of the appointment sent to you via e-mail.

* I don't want to book yet. Can I take an option instead?

In our reservation process, you may opt to take an option instead of making a definite booking. By taking an option, we save the stay for you for a maximum of 3 days, free of charge. You the have time to decide with the assurance that the house will be held for you. In this time ROOM4MOOR likes to hear whether you will cancel the option or change it into a definite booking. If you do nothing, your option expires automatically in the amount of time indicated.


* What are my payment options?

You can only pay through bank transfer.

* When do I have to pay?

You pay a (minimum) of 30% of the total rental price within seven days after making your booking. The rest of the rental price must be paid six weeks before departure. If you are departing withing six weeks, the payment must be made in one instalment and has to be paid within 3 days.

* To which account do I transfer the booking amount?

You will find our account number on the booking confirmation.

* My payment is not received on time. Will my booking be cancelled?

If you have passed the payment deadline, contact ROOM4MOOR. If your payment is not received, then ROOM4MOOR has the right to unilaterally cancel your booking. In that case, you owe the cancellation costs. If ROOM4MOOR unilaterally cancels your booking, you will receive a report of this via e-mail.

* Where can I find information on the payment deadlines?

The payment deadlines are on your booking confirmation.

* Can I also pay the booking on site?

No, the rental price must be paid in advance. Upon depart you will pay, if indicated on your booking confirmation and accommodation ticket, the onsite costs.

* Has my payment been received?

You will receive a payment confirmation when your payment has been received.

Your Stay

* Is there someone present in the holiday home upon arrival and departure?

The care taker will come with the key to your holiday home and meet you on site. The same applies to departure, unless you have made another agreement on site.

* What do I do if no one is present upon arrival?

On your accommodation ticket you will find the contact information of the care taker and the arrival times. Call the care taker if he is not present upon arrival.

* How are the costs on site calculated?

On your accommodation ticket you will see how the onsite costs are calculated.

* When do I get my deposit back?

The security deposit will be re-deposited into your bank account within 14 days after departure, in whole or in part. (In part if possible damages are subtracted from the deposit.) In this case, you give your IBAN and BIC/Swift code to the care taker. You will find this on your bank statement.


* How do I cancel my booking?

If you must cancel your booking for circumstantial reasons, contact ROOM4MOOR via telephone or e-mail. Keep your booking number handy. Costs are associated with cancellation. If you have cancellation insurance, and the booking is cancelled fo a reason covered by the insurance, the costs may be able to be claimed on the insurance. You must always confirm cancellation of a booking in writing (or per e-mail).

* What do I have to pay if I decide to cancel?

You will find the cancellation terms in the Rental Terms.


Which types of insurance can I take out?

You can take out a damage insurance and cancellation insurance. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is sensible to get a damage and/or cancellation insurance. Information and procedures about the insurance you will find on the page 'Insurances'.

* I have already booked, can I still get cancellation insurance?

It is possible to get cancellation insurance after booking, if there is no reason for cancellation known.

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